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As a first time buyer I really had no clue of where to start and what the important questions I needed answered before putting in an offer or deciding if a home was a good fit for me or not. At first I went with an agent I had never researched but I “thought” we had a connection. Before anything, decide if the agent has your best interest at heart for you. My first agent kept telling me I was going to lose the house and I needed to put an offer over asking with every home I had a glimpse of interest in. I quickly realized I was going no where with her and found Wanda Johnson after calling into her office to ask for a home. I met her at a home I was interested in and not only did she explain the home buying process clearly, but she also pointed out the things in the home that were good and bad. Wanda really knows what she’s doing and she is not PUSHY in anyway on buying the first home right away. When buying a home you want the realtor to be persistent and reachable. She would lit me know if she was going to be unreachable for a couple of hours or I could call her assistant any time. I did see about 8 homes with her and with every single one she gave me her honest opinion on my chances of getting the home in this high demand market and although it wasn’t always the best news to hear at least I wouldn’t get my hopes up on a home that was going to go past my price range. I actually only had to write 2 offers and the second offer was accepted because of Wanda’s excellent work. She knows how to make your offer competitive and that’s something that is key in the home buying process. She helped me through the whole process. I recommend her to EVERYONE!